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KWPT Specialty Shows

Every weekday around 4:20pm, The Point observes the time by playing music for your headspace with a cannabis themed song.

Every weekday morning The Point shares historical facts from rocks past. Be it drama, tragedy, or success, listeners will be enlightened with facts and tracks from yesteryear.

Every weekday morning The Point showcases rare and unique tracks from a featured artist or band for a full half hour.

Every weekday morning The Point features one well known song that gained mass popularity, followed by another song from the same artist, that is equally as good but did not rise to similar success.

Carole Ann plays a cover version of a very well-known song and listeners must guess the original artist. The first listener to call in with the correct answer is entered to win a CD from the Point Vault.

The Last Musical Word is how The Point ends the day on a high note. At the end of each workday, Chuck
Rogers will take a moment to provide a song to retain into the night. This can be a request, live version,
a topical treat, or just a great song that sums up that day.

At the end of the workday, The Point kicks off the evening with the best live music to be found in the history of rock & roll. Chuck Rogers is your guide for an audible ride thru time and space for Live at Five.

Threefer Thursday is a featured block of three songs by the same artist happening 3 times throughout the day on Thursdays.

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