Holiday Window



Tilly Arrangements

Easy to care for. A great gift for Teachers, the office or tiny house dweller.


Mini Garden Décor

It's not just fairies! We have gnomes, dragons, dinosaurs and all kinds of animals in addition to the fairies and the pixies. Whatever your interest is - you can create a mini garden to compliment it. A great project to do with kids.


Fermentation Kit & Book

Get Your Ferment On!  Easy to do and great health benefits from making fermented foods from Kraut and Kimchi to drinks and pickles. Anyone who has a veggie garden or frequents the local Farmers Market could put this kit or book to good use.


Gifts Basket

Are you rushed for time and need a gift?

We have pre-made gift baskets and color bowls - with a little more time we can customize one just for your gift giving needs.


Official S'More Hoodie

We have gifts for kids! - Official S'more Tester hoodie in kids sizes S, M and L;

Garden tools, gloves and aprons.


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